How to Turn On Gmail Step 2 Verification – Enable 2 Factor Authentication on Gmail

Gmail Step 2 Verification: Safety of the data is one of the most important things which every one of us inevitably needs to have an especially that which is related to the email accounts. Emails are encrypted mediums which perfectly safe and secure the data kept inside them. It is not an easy concept for any average hacker to hack a single message from there as these emails include well-protected data with the help of secured password. While setting a password for your email account, the only thing that you should keep in mind is to set alphanumeric password along with particular character because they are difficult to hack on.

For better securing your email accounts you should also need to enable two-step authentications along with the secure password. Gmail Step 2 Verification is the most common way of ensuring your email accounts. When someone tries to access your email account through any third party sources, it sends you a notification on your registered mobile number that someone is trying to access your account; is that you or not.

What is the need for adding Gmail Step 2 Verification to your Gmail Account?

The account will only get accessed once you provide permission for it; otherwise not. Thus Gmail Step-2 Verification ensures the accessing your email accounts from the other physical sources as well as virtual passwords and hence enhances the security of your account.

Gmail Step 2 Verification enables you to secure your Gmail email account perfectly. It provides you enhanced security which makes it difficult to crack or steal the password. The most common situations which may affect the vulnerability of your email account are: usage of the same password in multiple sites, downloading of any risk software on your computer device, or clicking on the links provided in the email messages etc. Gmail Step-2 Verification correctly provides an extra layer of security to your account hence prevents it from being hacked by anyone.

Gmail Step 2 Verification

Procedure for Gmail Step 2 Verification

Google serves as one of the first companies which provide you with the facility of two-step authentications so that to enhance the security level of its email accounts much more. Here, we are going to ensure you step by step procedure for Gmail Step 2 Verification which you can easily avail and enjoy the enhanced security.

Open your web browser and go the official web page of Gmail Step 2 Verification.
Click on the option of Get Started and then enter your Gmail email address a password in the prescribed columns.
Once you have completed with it now, click on the option of Start Setup.
A new Window page will open up asking you to add you’re necessary information. Add a phone number to the prescribed box so that Gmail can send six digits verification code to it.
Once you have received this verification code on your mobile number; verify your phone number by adding this six digits code in the prescribed column.
On completing the process successfully, Gmail will ask you whether you add your current computer to your trusted device for accessing Gmail account or not.
Click on the Confirm option to turn on the two-step verification process of Gmail.
Once you have successfully verified your Gmail account; enjoy the perfect and secure email access.
Working of Gmail Step 2 Verification.

Enable 2 Factor Authentication on Gmail – Google Account

It is very much important to get the exact wording of your Gmail email account to understand it in a better way. The working process of your Gmail Step 2 Verification is straightforward, and you can easily understand it.

Signing in the process of the Gmail Step 2 Verification is not very much different from the other ones. Whenever you go to sign in to your Gmail account, you first need to add your email address along with your password as usual.
The Gmail account will send you a code to your registered mobile number through text message or voice call or mobile app. You only need to add the security key into your computer’s USB port to thoroughly protect your access, that’s all.
Once you have successfully added this security key, you will now be able to access your account from other devices.
In case, if you don’t have chosen the usage of Gmail Step 2 Verification on that particular computer, you can then just need to add your password for making a sign into your account. Once you have applied Gmail Step 2 Verification to your account, you then don’t need to ask it over and over again every time you go for accessing it on another device. It is not as that if you are not using your Gmail Step 2 Verification at that time, the security of your device can be broken up. If someone else tries to open up your account on another account, he/she still needs to have verification for accessing your account.

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