How to Reset Gmail Password | Recover Your Gmail Account Password

Reset Gmail Password: Gmail is one of the most used email platforms which enables you to enjoy unlimited email sending, receiving and much more with the help of just a few clicks. It is one of the most popular email websites which enables you to enjoy the seamless working with a bucket full of embedded features.

Have you ever faced the problem of forgetting your Gmail Password? It is one of the worst situations that everyone avoids to have. It prevents you from accessing your Gmail; you can’t open your files nor share anything with anyone else. You should need to pen-down your password for saving yourself in engaging in such conditions.

How to Reset Gmail Password

Forgetting your Gmail Password is the situation that most commonly arises in such conditions where you don’t access your Gmail id for weeks or months. It is a general human nature that fails to recall such things which you are not in continuous touch with. In case, if you have forgotten your Gmail password and you are not able to recall it; don’t get panic. Just follow the step by step provided below and recover your Gmail password within a few minutes.

While Reset Gmail Password the one thing you should need to keep in mind is that you surely have set up a secondary email address and that is also specified by your Gmail account and another thing is that you don’t have logged into your Gmail Account for more than 5 days.

Procedure for Reset Gmail Password

  • Open your web browser and open up the official page of Gmail.
  • Now, click on the option of “Forgot Password?” on the log-in page of Gmail.
  • A pop-up message with prompt out asking you to add your email address there. Type your full Gmail email address in the prescribed box and then press “Next”.
  • Once you have clicked on the Next option Gmail will ask you a number of questions which will help you in establishing you as the owner of the account of which you are going to recover the password for. Add the suitable answer to the asked question and then click on the Next option. These are the general questions which you have provided answers for during the registration of your email id on Gmail. If you are not willing to answer these questions/ are not able to answer the question/ do not have access to the resource such as a secondary email address or a phone number you can also go for the option of “Try a different question”.
  • Once you have answered the right question, Gmail will provide you another password on your secondary email id which you can easily use for accessing your Gmail account.
  • Once you have got accessed your account, you can set up a new password as per your choice. Try to set up an alphanumeric password which you can easily memorize so as to prevent you from such a wearied situation again.

How To Recover Forgotten Gmail Password

General questions that are being asked by Google during the verification process of My Gmail Account: –

Gmail generally asked questions for recovery of password like: –

  • Your previous password: In case you have Reset Gmail Password and are only able to recall your previous one, then you can go for selecting this question.
  • Verification using a code: It is a 2 step authentication which enables you to easily access your Gmail account. In this process, you can get a code on SMS text message or an app like authenticator or printed backup codes which you can use to enter your Gmail account for its verification. You can also go for recovering your code from your registered mobile number.
  • A phone number set for account recovery in Gmail: Just set a phone number for recovering our Gmail password which will enable you to access your Gmail account again.
  • A Secondary email address for your account recovery in Gmail: For recovering your email address from your account recovery in Gmail you need to follow the link in a message from Google which will enable you to access your Gmail account again. In case if you don’t have any secondary email Id you can also go for sending your current email id for password recovery.
  • A security for Gmail password recovery: Just type the recovery question that you have added during the registration process along with the appropriate answer so as to get access to your Gmail account.
  • When you set up the account: This question needs you to add up the month and year in which you have created your Gmail account.
  • In case if you don’t have any secondary email id and you need to make access to your account, then you need to wait for five days so as to access it seamlessly. Once you have got accessed to the Gmail account you can also go for changing your Gmail password for security reasons.

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